Using an SMS Questionnaire To Get The Answers You Need

July 25, 2016

No matter what line of business you are involved in you will likely need feedback from customers and the public at one point or another. Unfortunately surveys and questionnaires are quite difficult to properly plan and conduct; not only that but traditional questionnaires are also usually quite expensive. Why waste your time and money on a traditional questionnaire when there are many more options available? Perhaps an SMS questionnaire would be the perfect solution for you; thanks to the availability and price of a text message questionnaire you can save money while getting feedback instantly.

By using a text message questionnaire you can quickly and easily get feedback from hundreds or thousands of people at once. No longer do you need to mail out questionnaires the old fashioned way; an SMS questionnaire delivers the questions in a much more modern and advanced way. Some questionnaires even require paying people to travel door to door asking people to participate in the survey; not only is this expensive and slow, it also leads to fairly low response rates compared to SMS questionnaires.

In general text message questionnaires have a response rate of close to 90%; this is an astonishing feat for any questionnaire. Traditional questionnaires can often receive little to no response and as a result they are often a complete waste of time. Fortunately SMS questionnaires have very high response rates. Not only will you be saving money over a traditional questionnaire, you will also get many more responses through a simple text message questionnaire.

Regardless of what you are trying to find out a text message questionnaire can always get the answers you need. There are dozens of ways to setup or create an SMS questionnaire so you will definitely be able to ask anything and everything you need to. Obviously the only drawback is the length of messages allowed; though it really isn’t difficult to avoid that problem.

Of course there are a few drawbacks to text message questionnaires compared to a traditional questionnaire. SMS questionnaires require that the survey participants have a cell phone which can receive SMS messages; obviously this is not a huge problem anymore, though there are certain demographics that will be completely missed by using a text message questionnaire. Other things such as cell phone carrier restrictions and fees may also raise some issues with those questionnaires.

Fortunately in nearly all cases the benefits more than outweigh the drawbacks. The price, availability and ease of use alone make SMS questionnaires much more appealing than traditional questionnaires. There really is no reason to waste time or money on a traditional questionnaire when an SMS questionnaire is so easy to setup and execute. If you need feedback from customers immediately a text message questionnaire is the only way to do it; don’t waste your time with slow traditional methods that may or may not get the results you need. Start writing your questions today and you could easily send your text message questionnaire tonight or tomorrow.